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We are sad to announce that Jambo Cat is closing permanently after April 20th, 2019.

Jambo Cat will continue to be available to reserve for private cocktail parties. For more information, call Mark or Rachel at 402-502-2203, or contact Marks.

All outstanding gift cards may still be redeemed at Marks, upstairs from Jambo Cat.

Our full farewell statement follows:

In late 2015, Jambo Cat began offering Jazz one night a week, and soon expanded its music schedule, eventually reaching its current schedule of five nights a week. As owners of Marks Bistro, Mark, Molly and Rachel have advocated and supported the jazz venue for over three years now.

We have witnessed the creation of many wonderful memories – participating in many of them – and have heard jazz music, both classics and current compositions, that rivals the best in any city. Without the significant subsidy Marks has consistently provided, however, Jambo Cat’s presentation of music would be impossible. The magnitude of that subsidy, however, is sadly not sustainable.

We regret that Saturday, April 20, 2019 will be the last jazz performance at Jambo Cat.

We wish to thank all of you – the jazz devotees and Jambo Cat patrons – who have contributed to making the past three years a treasured period of live jazz in Omaha’s Dundee neighborhood. Becoming a part of the jazz community has been a most rewarding experience for us, and we deeply appreciate sharing the adventure with all who have walked the path with us.

We especially want to thank Chuck and Mary Ann Kilgore. Chuck for his devotion and commitment not only to his Mainstream Jazz Quintet performance every Thursday, but for also being the Jambo Cat artistic director, a volunteer activity he generously performed with great skill and expertise. And we thank Mary Ann for being the stalwart supporter, whose center table was always full and fun, setting the tone for Thursday evenings with stimulating conversation as well as reverent listening.

We thank you all so very much.

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